Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intro post

So who am I and what am I doing this project for?

My name is Clara Giebel and I am designing for a production of William Shakespeare's All's Well that Ends Well as directed by Linden Kueck. This project is in partial fulfillment of our Master of Fine Arts degree in Shakespeare and Performance. Looking particularly at what in this play is like a fairy tale I am working to give this production a distinctly tactile, papery visual aura, one which draws the audience's attention to the characters and also to our place in the history of books and paper industries.

Why All's Well?

All's Well that Ends Well provokes questions with its very title. As a story of a woman in love with a man who cares nothing for her, and ultimately coerces him into joining her an accepting marriage, the audience is often left wondering if all has ended well. The two young people are together at the end, but is that good for either of them? In a "talkback" with the actors after a recent production at the American Shakespeare Center, the actors playing this couple were asked point-blank if they thought it would work out, and the actors didn't have a straight answer. Helena's all in, but is that enough? These aren't questions that have clear answers, which opens up many doors to a variety and richness of interpretation.

Why this blog?

Linden and I will be using this blog to post information we are thinking about, images and media which play into our explorations of this play and the concepts we are playing with. There will be some scholarly writing, lots of pictures, photographs of the set, props and costumes in progress, and a lot of opportunity for discussion.

Image from Jackie Huang.

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