Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mysteries in Scotland

This post was going to be a broad survey of some information about altered book art, some links to etsy shops, some artwork by revered artists and some resources for further reading but maybe I'll write that other post later, because my plans have been derailed by a mystery.

The Scottish Poetry Library has recently received an anonymous gift. A paper sculture of a tree, made all out of books. The Guardian is charmed but doesn't know what to think

Grand Central details the story as more sculptures appear, in an outpouring of love for books and for libraries.

These sculptures seem to be coming from one, exuberant lover of books and libraries. Although I love much of the progress towards digitized media, (this blog I'm writing is one I could not share without digitized text), I am sorry for the libraries. And what better way to celebrate the love of libraries than with artwork celebrating the paperness of books now.

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